Book 7 Potter Party!

The Deathly Hallows were beckoning on Friday night….



Here are some scenes from the Midnight Madness that was the Harry Potter Book 7 Release Party. We went to our local Barnes and Noble.
We decided to go in costume. Actually, the kids decided weeks ago that we should ALL go in costume.
It wasn’t the first time, and probably not the last!


Snape, Ron, Professor Trelawney, Hermione, and Gilderoy Lockhart.


Professor Trelawney gets her cards read…then turns around and reads the reader’s tea leaves!


Funny the things you find while wandering around bookstores…looky! Professor Snape has discovered Joe and Barb’s books- and clearly approves!


Dueling occured…


…and so did victory.
Here are the kid winners in the costume contest- you go, Sibyll!


Eric happens to have an uncanny resemblance to Gilderoy Lockhart. People followed him around all night like he was a celebrity…


Which is why he won the adult costume contest, to raucous applause and shouts of, “We love you, Gilderoy!”
This was truly the most surreal part of the night.
What a great prize for an illustrator: a poster signed by Mary GrandPre!


There were other awesome costumes: this is Tonks. There were also Death Eaters, Dementors, Malfoys, many Harrys, many Hermiones, a few Chos, a few Rons, Quidditch players, wizards, witches, etc. I particularly liked the 6 people who came as “S.P.E.W.” members, and the 2 girls who came as Fred and George. There was also a great Bellatrix LaStrange. It was very fun to blab with so many people who love these books!


Here’s what it looked like about 4 minutes before midnight. I was stunned that this many people could fit in the store.
We waited for #256 + 257 to be called and picked up our copies.
The kids are reading them first, and have instructions to SAY NOTHING until Eric and I read them.
It will take us longer.
Did anyone else go to HP parties?

Who’d Have Thunk It…


Barb at Cats and Jammers has given me a “Thinking Blogger” award.

Thanks, Barb- it makes me want to whip out my Rubik’s Cube and give it another go!
I will endeavor to live up to my legend. Now, I am charged with passing along 5 more awards to brainy bloggers that I know:
(Drum roll, please!)

Kim Norman– a very smart girl, new to blogging, but clearly the type to get addicted to the experience. Kim has a very rollicking, off-the-cuff style of writing, always peppered with smarticisms. You know what THOSE are, right?

Linda Wingerter– undeniably smart, because she’s open to a world of influences and possibilities.

Amy Schimler– a new-found (to me) smart blogger…another girl who’s creativity flows from her keen observance of the things around her, past and present.

Paige Keiser– Paige seems to know no bounds in terms of creativity- she’s always thinking!

John Nez– John is practically too smart for his own good!

Those are my choices, and I stand by every one of ’em.
Now you guys are supposed to pass along 5 more awards.
Use your power wisely.

Muffin Man Delivery!


I received a nice couple of packages from Hooked on Phonics today- a bunch of copies of The Muffin Man board book, and the multimedia package it comes in. WooHoo! The printing looks really good- always nice to see. The Muffin Man is one of 8 board books in the set (Holli also did a couple), which also includes the animated DVD versions, an audio cd of the songs, and a bunch of other supportive items.


It’s a well-designed set- if my kids were still toddling types, they’d definitely go for these!

Check it out here on the Hooked on Phonics website.

Check it out here on Amazon.

Parts, Part 1

Sometimes I have to supply…supplies.
Or at least reasonable facsimilies of supplies.
Hey look! Here’s some now!
This is from the August 2007 issue of Highlights High Five.