The Rabbits Have Landed!

Well, my long awaited pop-up book is finally out!


My first sighting of it in an actual bookstore occurred up in New Hampshire, during a little trip to North Conway. Whenever we are there, we visit the delightful White Birch Books, which always has a well-stocked children’s section.


That’s me in a very natural pose at the store. I really was pretty shocked to find it; it had only come out officially the day before, I think.

Say, if you are so inclined to BUY this book, why not get it thru White Birch Books?

FYI, you could also go with Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I have in the meantime tried the real, non-dummy book out on actual small people, and I have been happy to see that they really respond to it. Eric’s paper engineering holds up well in toddler hands (the only test that counts), and the images and actions seem to hold their attention. Yay!

North Conway proved (as always) to be a fun shopping town. One of our favorite shops in town is The Penguin.


I found a bunch of my Club Earth Toys there:



Here’s Eric lovingly admiring the amazing quality and design found within a mere can of Polar Putty.


I’ll update more product and bunny book sightings soon!

New Year, New Stuff!

That’s right… it’s now officially
Time to clean house, and clean up the blog a bit, too.

I am not one for making resolutions. Therefore, I haven’t made any!
That doesn’t mean I don’t like to step back and evaluate what’s been going on this year, and what I hope will happen next year.
Last year was good for us.
Hopefully this one will be good or gooder, too.
A lot of my friends and relatives have been put through some tough trials lately, either by losing loved ones, or having to deal with illness. Or sometimes both. I hope everyone who’s been dealing with these kind of things find the strength to sally forth into 2008, where things will hopefully be better!

Lots of things are brewing here- I will get back to posting new art, new happenings, and new crafty things next week!