Scrap Shacks

scrapshcak2.jpgI have been having a lot of fun playing around digitally with my ephemera and fabric collections, sort of searching for new elements to morph into my illustrated art. I am not sure what I am searching for, but I discovered in the meantime that I REALLY like to make little houses.I guess they combine a lot of things I like in one form. I have been making them in small numbers, giving some away, and I listed a few in the etsy shop, too. All the house innards are made out of recycled cardboard, like cereal and gift boxes. The fabric roofs and bases are all made out of small scraps of fabric that I repurpose, either from old stuff or the detrius of other fabric projects. I really like the idea of making things from nothing.scrapshacks1.jpg

Make My Day Award!


Aw, Roz…you shouldnta!
Very sweet of you to bestow upon me the prestigious “Make My Day” award!
As a recipient, I am now bound to pass along the award to five of the bloggerers that make MY day.
I would toss one right back on Roz’s lap if I could, but I don’t think that counts! Not sure who’s gotten them yet, but I proclaim these five as Liz favorites:

1. Barb J. Newman of Cats and Jammers Studio

2. Kim Norman of Stone Stoop

3. John Nez, the Blog

4. Amy Schimler of Red Fish Circle

5. Paula Pertile of Drawing a Fine Line

Visit these fine folks, and I am sure you’ll be hooked, too! Congratulations!

Magazine Roundup!

Some of my products have shown up in some rawther nice magazines lately:

Holy cow, Cool Jewels was in Oprah’s O At Home Winter 2007 magazine!


And check out the February 2008 issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine- they featured two of my items this month:


You can see some of the development sketches for these items on my Giftware Page on my website.
You can also visit the FRED blog and see lots more product sightings…woohoo!

Recycle Rabbit is Back!

Paradoxically, the busier I am, the more compelled I am to craft stuff. It helps me work out aesthetic issues, somehow, and gets the mind moving in another (though related) direction. Be that as it may, I have reopened my Esty shop, Recycle Rabbit!


I have some fun new things that I am working on that will end up in the shop, but for now, check out the batch of Pillowstrations!

Visit Recycle Rabbit by clicking here!