Front Page Etsy Joy!

If you love your Etsy, and I know I do, then maybe you like to make treasuries. This is a way for you, a regular person, to pick and choose items you like and make a lovely arrangement, often with a theme of some kind. Etsy calls it “curating”, as if you are hanging your own exhibit in a museum.
The idea is that it isn’t for self-promotion (so you don’t put your own items in it), but to celebrate the awesomeness of others. Hundreds of these lists are made all the time, and if you’re really lucky, they choose your list to be on the glorious Front Page.
Well, lucky me…I have recently had TWO lists chosen for the Front Page!

The first one was oatmeal themed:

Seriously delicious stuff…At least 8 items sold from that treasury!

And I have one up right now, with a Scottish/ tartan theme:

OH, how I love plaid, Scotland, and Scottish stuff. I definitely made this treasury for my own plaid-obsessed purposes, so I am rightly surprised that it made it to the front page, and that (yay!) other people love tartan too!

On the theme of Etsy, I have been back at the sewing table lately, where my massive vault of vintage fabrics and trims have been calling me. I put together these little birds:

These are available in my Etsy shop, Recycle Rabbit.

Seriously, I have no clue whether anyone but me likes anything in my Etsy shop (OK, some do), but I just get on jags where I simply MUST sew or make something, and ideas take me over until I make them. It seems to be a necessity that I shake up my own artistic landscape every so often.

SO, having sewed, now I can get back to my illustration and design jobs, and feel good about it.

Which I had better do.


FRED Goes Global

Boston Global, that is. There is an article in today’s Boston Globe about the delightful company I work at, FRED.

For those of you who have wondered, yes, Fred is a real guy, and this is what he looks like (albeit slightly loonier looking in this photo than in real life. Slightly.)

I was not at the office the day they did the article, but they did call out a couple of my products: a mention of Dust Bunny, and a photo of Calf and Half.

But wait…what’s that? Zoom in a little…

Holy cow! I’M FAMOUS!
Haha…I didn’t notice I was technically in there the first couple of times I saw this.
I promise not to let my new-found fame change me.

You can read the real article here, which has been freely and wantonly stolen from the Fred site. Huzzah!

Random Cuteness Day!

Y’know…EVERY day should be random cuteness day. Here’s a dose now:

I love to sew and embroider, but I cannot knit or crochet. Therefore, I enjoy the work of people who can. It started with ONE octopus. But it was too cute. We needed more.
Now, each kid has one, and so do I.
Now we can do stuff like this:

These particular bits of cuteness come from All About Kendra’s Etsy shop.
Way to crochet, Connie!

Pie Time!

Yes, truly- the knarly, distinctly organic apples that grow in our orchard are technically harvestable already. Maybe not ALL of them, but a whole bunch. Like hundreds. So what to do?
PIE, of course!

You have to roll out the crust:

Ask your pony friends to fill the crusts:

And lastly, bake them with My Little Pony, cats and octopi on them.

Octopi? Octo-pie? OH, haha…I just got that one!
Well, that’s what fall is like around here!