Happy Crafty Day!

Wow- I am a lucky girl today!
Apparently one of the Etsy treasuries I was in made it to the much-sought-after Front Page:

This great collection was put together by TinyViolet, who also happens to make the most adorable dolls.
Thanks Amy!

And this morning, I am honored to be featured in PenguinandFish’s blog!

Visit Alyssa’s Etsy shop for fabulous plushies with personality!

Really guys…thank you so much for the crafty love. Right back at you!

New Stuff in Highlights High Five

Here’s a new spread illustrated by me that appears in the November 2008 issue of High Five:

Don’t you want to go make some soup now? Tis the season!
I am definitely trying this one out!

Here’s a new feature just out in the December issue:

It’s my first Hidden Pictures feature!
I remember looking for Hidden Pictures when I was a kid… so it makes me happy to have done one of my own.

Illustration Friday- Wise

I haven’t managed to post an Illo Friday drawing in a looong time, so I decided to not obsess about it and just draw the first thing off the top of my head.

Yeah, apparently I think Magic 8-Balls are “wise”.
This bunny has asked a secret question of the mystical ball, and received a resoundingly clear answer.
This happens to be my favorite 8-Ball answer.
What do you think the question was??