Great Danes

Check out these beee-you-teee-ful tiles I found at Savers two weeks ago:

Sometimes you just get lucky!
I don’t really know anything about these, only that they are really nice. And made in Denmark. If anyone knows anything more about them- feel free to tell me!
I do love shopping at Savers (and yard sales, garage sales, etc.) purely for the fun of finding the unexpected. I get a lot of my etsy fabrics there.


Check out the current front page of the RISDworks website!
Calf and Half was in the December issue of Oprah’s O at Home Magazine, in which they put a link to RISDworks. That’s the Rhode Island School of Design’s museum shop that features alumni-designed products.

I took a whole batch of pictures of the newly opened Chace Center (where you will find the shop)… I’ll definitely try to get those up here soon!