New Website!

Does your website ever get, you know, that “not-so-fresh” feeling?
Yeah, I know how that is.
It took us a while, a long while…but my website is now fully updated and has a spiffy new look. Why, it’s springtime fresh!
Please come on over and check it out- let me know if there are any bugs or weird grammar in there.

Click here to be magically transported to the new site.


Many thanks to the enchanting Eric for his programming prowess!

Authors Heart Kids, Too

The first ever Kids Heart Authors Day went really well here in Rhode Island! Barrington Books is a fabulously well-stocked store, and they went all out to make for a festive book signing event. It was truly heartwarming to see so many people (both the kind that make books, and the kind that read books) enthusiastically supporting this event.

Here are the five of us that were at Barrington Books:

Linda Crotta Brennan, Me, Anika Denise, Chris Denise, and Mary Jane Begin.


See what a nice job they did of making the setting as playful as possible? Excellent job!

Linda and I had fun chatting, meeting lots of little people and their parents, and eating M+M’s.


Chris and Anika have a great rapport with their little book fans.


Thank you to everyone who came out, and to Barrington Books for supporting such a great event!

Kids + Authors = Luv


What could be more fun on Valentines Day than to head on out to your favorite indy bookstore and meets lots of authors and illustrators?
Saturday, February 14th is the KidsHeartAuthors Day all over New England. Check out the site and see who’s signing where!

I will be participating at Barrington Books along with several other exceptionally fine authors and illustrators. We will be there from 10-12 to sign and meet and have general merriment…hope to see you there!

Here’s another Valentine from my collection.
Mere words can’t describe how much I love this one.



…is already upon us.
And you know what THAT means:

Who cares about flowers and candy.
These are so much cooler!

These are from the good ol’ days of Valentine exchanging.
Kid’s valentines today are so lame…they don’t even come with teeny envelopes that you had to write on and seal. Not to mention, only the very youngest of kids even exchange cards now- like maybe 2nd grade and down. By 3rd or 4th grade, everyone’s too cool for this sort of thing.


Well, I still have every Valentine I have ever received since Kindergarten, plus a few hundred more.
Love them!
I’ll try to post more of these lovely old bits this month. I am otherwise insanely busy with deadlines and will need to be working over the upcoming weeks…woohoo!
Any other Valentine collectors out there?