John Maeda Meet ‘n’ Greet

Eric and I got to go to an open house of sorts at the renovated ALCO building on Valley Street in Providence. The American Locomotive Works used to be housed in this cavernous building, but this night, it was turned into a cool gallery/buffet/chat session.


It’s the first time we’ve heard RISD’s “new” President speak. At least in real life; he’s very available online: via the RISD blog, Facebook, and Twitter.


It was great to hear him in real life, because now it is very clear- this is a whole different kind of President for the school. He’s about as open and forthcoming as possible. Already he has started a major outreach to the greater RISD “family”, those of us out here in the working world, the alumni, parents, and anyone who wants to be involved. If you didn’t think you had a voice at the school before, I can honestly say I think you’ve got one now.


The houses and apparel pieces are by recent grads, I think. They looked great in this ginormous space!

I think RISD is in for some interesting times as it goes on with John Maeda there. It’s a good time to toss out ideas and be heard, despite the economy.