Socially Accepted Rabbits


I thought this was interesting/funny.
My bunny book, What Kind of Rabbit Are You? came up in a title search at the Chicago Public Library. I’m happy to know it’s there!

What’s interesting are the many subjects under which it falls, all of which are searchable in their database:

Rabbits Juvenile fiction.
Social acceptance Juvenile fiction.
Conduct of life Juvenile fiction.
Perception Juvenile fiction.
Toy and movable books Specimens.
Rabbits Fiction.
Social acceptance Fiction.
Conduct of life Fiction.
Perception Fiction.
Stories in rhyme.
Pop-up books.
Toy and movable books.

I wonder what else is in the “conduct of life” section!

New Book! Christopher Columbus

I have a new book coming out juuuussst about now, in time for Columbus Day 2009. It’s Christopher Columbus, written by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by me!
It’s published by Scholastic and will appear in their school book club mailings.

columbus cover

There’s nothing more fun than seeing a book in print and receiving a box of ’em!


This is a new line for Scholastic: biographies for the very young/preschoolers. The text takes you from Christopher as a young boy through his many attempts at securing ships for exploration, to when he finally lands in San Salvador.


Let me know if you see it in on your book order form!

Sweet Ceramics

I love hunting around at thrift stores, yard sales, and places like Savers because you never know what will turn up. Here are a couple of pieces that I think are particularly nice.


This chick jar, made in West Germany, has a great simplicity in design and color. Love it!


The mug with the houses comes from England. Great graphics, Batman! Not afraid of color, are they?
I keep these two pieces near each other because I think they have a similar (awesome) vibe!

The Trip, Part 2: The Black Forest

We drove from Alsace over the German border, and into the Black Forest region. It was there that we joined up with a bushel of family members for a birthday party/reunion of sorts. While much of our time was spent with the family at large, with 4 languages represented, we all managed to see some of the countryside, too.

We stayed in Kalberbronn, at a great place called the Schwanen (The Swan).


The main building was fairly luxurious, but we stayed in a smaller outbuilding that was closer to the working farm. Very nice!


It was fun being able to see the critters every day!



There were plenty of farm cats- this one reminded us of Flo.

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The Trip, Part One: Alsace

We were lucky enough to do some traveling this summer, both visiting with far-flung family and your usual sightseeing. We spent 5 days in Alsace, the grapey part of France bordering Germany, then went for 6 days to the Black Forest in Germany, then another 6 days in Bavaria. Needless to say these are visually stunning areas, and I took waaaay too many pictures. But hey, the blog has been ignored for quite a while, so here we go!

First things first. We flew into Frankfurt and stayed there for a night before driving to Alsace. You should know something about Germany. In Germany, the eggs wear hats!


Driving down to Alsace, we stopped in the town of Wissembourg. They have an unfinished cathedral there.


Complete with delightfully macabre medieval graves.


Alsatian towns are unbelievably beautiful. Nearly every town we passed through was picturesque.

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