Brimfield…Brimming With Style!

Yes! I finally managed to get up to Brimfield for the fall show. If you’re not from these parts, it’s a simply gigantic antique show that sets up 3 times a year. Sprawling. Hundreds and hundreds of dealers. If you’re into vintage, retro, etc. you WILL find something interesting here. I did not come home empty-handed!

I saw this cute guy on patrol in his owner’s booth at the beginning of the day. Sure enough, he was still there when we headed to our car at the end of the day!


First thing I found was this wooden/paper litho target game. LOVE it. Vintage games from this era are a big favorite of mine.

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Hot Off the Press!

I love seeing where my designs turn up. Here are some neat new places to find a couple of my items!

Crazy Books, the Food edition is coming out in October in Germany from Edition Braus. The publisher is debuting it at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. My Calf and Half creamer is in it- keep your eyes open when in Germany (drat, I was just there a few weeks ago)!

Crazy Books-Food

Here is the current Fall ’09 MOMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art) catalog, with another of my glass items, the Half-Pint Creamer. Every purchase made thru the catalog supports the museum. Sweet!


The Birds!

Finally got a few more things up in my Etsy shop, Recycle Rabbit!

Sewing this kind of stuff is really a hobby. I like doing it as a change from drawing. I’m hoping to have more time for sewing now that it’s Fall (more or less) and I can actually stand to be in my upstairs sewing room (which gets to be 100 degrees in the summer). Hope I’ll have a little time, too!

new etsy