A Wrinkle in The Fabulous Fabric File

I use a lot of fabric in my artwork…not the real thing, mind you, but carefully scanned versions of them. Once they’re in the computer, they are mine, mine, mine to manipulate at will! I have hundreds in already, and hundreds more waiting to be scanned. But first I have to spend the time getting them scanned in.

For some reason, Georgia the Geriatric Cat has decided that she loves my Fabulous Fabric File (yes, that’s what I call it). She truly, deeply loves it. I cannot keep her off of it, short of keeping the swatches in a drawer or a box. But more often than not, they are out so I can flip thru them and find what I need.

Georgia has already wrecked about 20 of them, either by hairing them up too much, or digging her nails into them and pulling threads out, and also through means too gross to mention here. She doesn’t seem interested in the alternate fabric pieces I make available to her, she always wants my GOOD ones. How does she know?? Oh, well- she’s 17, so I cut her some slack.

Her second favorite place to sleep is on the scanner- I bet I could get a nice scan of her fur if I wanted to! I just realized that this photo shows her both on the scanner and some of the FFF at the same time. That must be Kitty Nirvana for her!

2 comments on “A Wrinkle in The Fabulous Fabric File

  • on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 2:41 pm, Sherry Rogers said:

    I just love orange cats!! Have one myself. . .her name is Margie. . .

  • on Saturday, December 16, 2006 at 11:37 am, roz said:

    Oh my goodness, I can so relate. My illustrations are like “where’s waldo” with dog hair that I MISSED after letting it go to print.
    So let’s just say there is a black australian shephard in every picture I make. 😀
    Georgia looks very happy and comfy there.

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