Antiques in the Air…

… can you smell it? Fall, Autumn, the wind whistling, a few leaves blowing by…and miles of antiques!

September is when one of the three yearly Brimfield shows occurs, and I snuck away for the day with my mom to partake in the hunt. It turns out that I collect pictures just as much as real stuff (no, more), so herewith are some photos of things I thought were cool, and some of the stuff I got while there. Really, I think the fun is just in the poking around, looking through decades past.

‘Twas a brisk fall day, cloudy for the most part, but with sun poking through occasionally.

Every season is Christmas at Brimfield:

These are some mighty fine paper candy containers:

Here’s something you don’t see anymore, not even in Scotland!

I love the naive painting on this set o’ dwarves…

Here’s a good way to get ahead!

Cute horse ride-on…

This set of cut-out house from the turn-of-the-century was SO beautiful:

I wish they still gave out Green Stamps!

Nifty Halloween stuff:

That’s a lotta bling in one place!

I came *this* close to buying that little tin stove… but it was a little big for where it would go.

If, after walking down row after row of goods you find yourself losing your marbles, you’re apt to find some eventually…

Ah, the prom dress I never had (and never wanted!)… quite spectacular nonetheless!

This painting was wacky but oddly compelling (in a 70’s kind of way!)…

Lovely Quimper faience from France…

Seeds! And plenty of them!

Here’s Mom, with some chairs from the faux-early-American era of the 70s. They just so happen to be exact duplicates of ones we had for years at our house!

Early festive ware…

This great suitcase reminds me of the one George Bailey got in “It’s A Wonderful Life”… but of course, he never got to go anywhere!

Amazing German painted trunks. Love these.

And so we bid adieu for this year to Brimfield. The next show is in May if you want to go!
So, what did I buy? I’ll put them in another post…

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  • on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 7:26 pm, Laurie said:

    This brought back many fond memories! I’m ready to go next May. I think I’ll feel a cold coming on right about then…:) Thanks, Liz!

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