Happy Crafty Day!

Wow- I am a lucky girl today!
Apparently one of the Etsy treasuries I was in made it to the much-sought-after Front Page:

This great collection was put together by TinyViolet, who also happens to make the most adorable dolls.
Thanks Amy!

And this morning, I am honored to be featured in PenguinandFish’s blog!

Visit Alyssa’s Etsy shop for fabulous plushies with personality!

Really guys…thank you so much for the crafty love. Right back at you!

One comment on “Happy Crafty Day!

  • on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 7:57 pm, Anna Alter said:

    Hi Liz! I LOVE your stuffed animals. My neighbors adored the bunny and book that you made, they thought the double sided rabbit was especially hilarious and adorable.

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