RI Author Fest!

WOW! We had the great good luck of going to the RI Festival of Children’s Book Authors this weekend. I am SO GLAD the Lincoln School has decided to bring this festival back- I remember going to it years ago and having a blast (with and without kids), but then it stopped occuring for SEVEN years (why??). Well, it’s BACK and better than ever! Chris Van Allsburg (my old teacher from RISD!) and Andrew Clements, writer extraordinaire, were there. We were able to catch talks by the wacky John Scieszka, who made a huge impression on the girls. If you ever get the chance, catch one of his presentations- darn funny, and inspirational too, in an offbeat way. We also heard and met the amazing illustrator Etienne Delessert. If you are not familiar with his art, follow that link- it’s stunning, cerebral and psychological- and somehow FUN, too. Utterly original. The always delightful Jarrett was there, too- we were bummed out to miss his presentation, but the girls were set on going to “Harry Potter Day” at a local farm. I guess you could say we were booked that day (hehehe!).

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  • on Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 7:15 pm, TriangleQueen22 said:

    :smile::smile:HOORAY!!!!!!! I’m the first to send a comment!!!! We sure were “booked” at those events. :lol::lol::lol:

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