RIF Day!

Today I volunteered at my kids’ school for RIF Day…that’s right, Reading is STILL Fundamental!

It is always a fun and semi-exhausting day- it somehow never works out that 1st graders come first, followed by 2nd, etc. Instead, the 4th graders come, followed by the 1st graders, etc. That means putting out a couple hundered books, then putting them all away and pulling out a different batch (always trying to make sure age-appropriate books are available).

I love the way some kids come in and choose immediately, while others linger as long as possible, finessing their choice. My own kids fall into the latter category. It’s also intersting to see which books go, and which ones stay. Junie B. is alive and well, as is Charlie Bone and Magic Tree House. Not so hot this year? Sports books, we had a lot left. It’s hard to figure out the wants from year to year, we try to ask the teachers and librarian what kids seem to want, and go from there.

The RIF experience always reminds me of my own experience of getting to choose my own book, when I was around 9 (same age as my twins now). I remember there being what looked like serious leftover/remaindered books, and other kids not knowing what to pick. Then I saw it. The Holy Grail! A novel version of Meredith Willson’s The Music Man, complete with lyrics! Oh, happy, blessed day! Granted, this wasn’t a typical kid choice, but it was great for me. I still have it! If you get the chance, volunteer for your school’s next RIF day!