Step Right Up…

…here inside this ordinary-looking Barnes and Noble bookstore you’ll find five, count ’em FIVE, glorious illustrator babes in one place!


This is the scene from Carlyn Beccia’s booksigning event for Who Put the B in the Ballyhoo, a non-traditional (shall we say) alphabet book that celebrates vintage circus themes.

It’s about time, says I! I happen to love old circus memorabilia and trivia, and Carlyn’s art just so happens to be astonishing! Amazing! Not-to-be-believed! And she does it digitally, bless her heart! The children of Maison Dubois give this one high marks- they were fascinated by the weird subject matter and simply HAD to know more- it’s very good for sparking interest.

In the back row of the picture you can see me, the Dazzling Liz Goulet Dubois (holding the poster), the Miraculous Mary Beth Cryan, and the Lovely Laura Fry. Up front, you have the Convention-Defying Carlyn Beccia and the Marvelous Monica Lee. Voila!

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  • on Friday, May 11, 2007 at 12:33 pm, John Nez said:

    Hot stuff! How come I don’t get to do things like that?


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