Check out the current front page of the RISDworks website!
Calf and Half was in the December issue of Oprah’s O at Home Magazine, in which they put a link to RISDworks. That’s the Rhode Island School of Design’s museum shop that features alumni-designed products.

I took a whole batch of pictures of the newly opened Chace Center (where you will find the shop)… I’ll definitely try to get those up here soon!

FRED Goes Global

Boston Global, that is. There is an article in today’s Boston Globe about the delightful company I work at, FRED.

For those of you who have wondered, yes, Fred is a real guy, and this is what he looks like (albeit slightly loonier looking in this photo than in real life. Slightly.)

I was not at the office the day they did the article, but they did call out a couple of my products: a mention of Dust Bunny, and a photo of Calf and Half.

But wait…what’s that? Zoom in a little…

Holy cow! I’M FAMOUS!
Haha…I didn’t notice I was technically in there the first couple of times I saw this.
I promise not to let my new-found fame change me.

You can read the real article here, which has been freely and wantonly stolen from the Fred site. Huzzah!

Holy Cow…A New Product!

I have a new Fall 2008 product out via the FRED company (where I have been on staff for lo these almost-17 years).
I do think it came out nicely if I do say so myself.
It’s a little double-walled glass creamer called Calf and Half:


This little product has been receiving a lot of blog love. Here are some of the blogs I have found it on:







Thanks for the luv!
If anyone sees this item out in the world, do give a holler!