Here’s our remaining old girl cat, Georgia, on my desk. Obviously, she is not hanging out with the balsam pillows. Instead, she is 100% asleep and precariously dangling her neck over the side of my desk. Ironically, she is right near a Mary Blair book I was looking thru that happens to have an orange cat just like her in it. After I took this picture, I gingerly put her head back on the desk. It scared the bejeezus out of her.

Silly old cat!



Words can’t describe how much I love this old wooden puzzle, recently bought at a local antique joint.
Have mercy! Why don’t they make ’em like this anymore? 


Here’s a pretty typical scene from the studio…Old Georgia (she’s 19) is sitting on a stack of books, waiting for me to flinch, breathe, or move in any way, so she can divert my attention to the kitchen.
She doesn’t remember anymore when she’s been fed. She gets fed constantly.
Thank goodness for those little cans of food they make now! 


When she is not eating or anticipating my every move, she is sleeping.
Today she has been dressed in a jaunty new cap and scarf by one of my kids.
It turns out that American Girl clothes fit cats pretty nicely, too.