New Book! Christopher Columbus

I have a new book coming out juuuussst about now, in time for Columbus Day 2009. It’s Christopher Columbus, written by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by me!
It’s published by Scholastic and will appear in their school book club mailings.

columbus cover

There’s nothing more fun than seeing a book in print and receiving a box of ’em!


This is a new line for Scholastic: biographies for the very young/preschoolers. The text takes you from Christopher as a young boy through his many attempts at securing ships for exploration, to when he finally lands in San Salvador.


Let me know if you see it in on your book order form!

New Press This Month

Some interesting stuff has shown up recently…international-type stuff!
Here’s my Half Pint item written up in a Korean Magazine called DesignNet:


Aaaaand here’s Pizza Boss 3000 written up in a French Magazine called FHM:


Back here in the ol’ US of A, Salt and Playtime is in May’s issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray:


And here is this month’s Highlights High Five recipe illustrated by me…Pink Lemonade!


Magazine Mayhem!

Here are a few new items currently on the shelves:

April’s Highlights High Five has Deviled Eggs!


And after you’ve made yourself some nice deviled eggs, sit back with April’s Rachael Ray magazine and check out this:


There’s “Calf and Half” again!
I have to hand it to Rach and her “people”…they do find fun stuff for the magazine. Look at the knitted fruit! And the adorable Mary Jane wellies! On the same page is a product by my friend Christy, too…”Pound,” a set of nails for driving into your finger food (not your fingers). How constructive!

I have a bunch of fun new items starting to pop up here and there-
I’ll show you some of them soon.
I’ve had A LOT of work lately, so sometimes the blog gets the cold shoulder!
And by the way, Happy St. Pat’s Day!


New Website!

Does your website ever get, you know, that “not-so-fresh” feeling?
Yeah, I know how that is.
It took us a while, a long while…but my website is now fully updated and has a spiffy new look. Why, it’s springtime fresh!
Please come on over and check it out- let me know if there are any bugs or weird grammar in there.

Click here to be magically transported to the new site.


Many thanks to the enchanting Eric for his programming prowess!


Check out the current front page of the RISDworks website!
Calf and Half was in the December issue of Oprah’s O at Home Magazine, in which they put a link to RISDworks. That’s the Rhode Island School of Design’s museum shop that features alumni-designed products.

I took a whole batch of pictures of the newly opened Chace Center (where you will find the shop)… I’ll definitely try to get those up here soon!