Lunch Break

Here’s a new Box o’ the Week- the elusive 1970 Dr. Seuss!

I appreciate the limited palette used here, especially since at the time, this box was probably on the shelf with any number of technicolor offerings. I am not sure if The Good Doctor did this art himself, but it looks like the real deal to me.

This box came out at around the same time as the delightful Chuck Jones animated versions of Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, and of course, The Grinch. GREAT books, and GREAT little films that I could watch a thousand times and never get sick of (I think I have)!

Have you ever been to the Dr. Seuss National Memorial at the museum quadrangle in Springfield, Mass? If you like all things Seuss, you need to check it out- think giant bronze Thidwicks! The Eric Carle Museum isn’t far from it, either- a whole museum devoted to children’s book art. Hmmm, makes me want to go back out that way again soon!

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  • on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 7:26 am, monica lee said:

    I didn’t know that about the Suess memeorial…you just have all the info, don’t you?!

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