Check out the current front page of the RISDworks website!
Calf and Half was in the December issue of Oprah’s O at Home Magazine, in which they put a link to RISDworks. That’s the Rhode Island School of Design’s museum shop that features alumni-designed products.

I took a whole batch of pictures of the newly opened Chace Center (where you will find the shop)… I’ll definitely try to get those up here soon!

New Stuff

My poor, ignored blog.
Been busy lately with a million things, and there’s a million more coming!
In the meantime, some of my art has been popping up here and there:

Here’s April 2008’s issue of Highlights High Five, with my Creepy Crawly Dominoes feature (oooh, it’s a fold-out!).

Here’s a little piece in May 2008’s Highlights magazine (the one for bigger kids). It’s a feature they run every month called My Best Self. Hey, look- Roz is on the same page!

The Read, Rhyme and Clap DVD is available from the Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club’s Spring 2008 issue. I did the Muffin Man sequence on it.

Here’s the new, improved children’s menu for the Newport Creamery chain of restaurants. I got to do the whole thing (fun!!) and will continue every so often as they need ’em. I applaud the company for pursuing a more individual approach with these- instead of using the menu equivalent of “clip art” (which they could have easily done), they commissioned me to make something with local appeal and original characters. Yay!

And hey, what’s THIS?
You’re right, I did NOT do this. Eric did!
His design is featured in June 2008’s MacLife Magazine, where his iPOD watch idea came in as a runner-up in their Design-the-Next-Big-Apple-Thing competition.
They had some very nice things to say about it- check it out!

That’s it for now! Back to work!

Everyone needs a Foot in the Door…

One of my recently designed products has been added to the new 2008 collection at RISDWorks! There’s a press release here.


This lovely piece o’work is called Foot in the Door, because, well-
it’s a doorstop. And it’s shaped like a shoe.
Visit the FRED site for more stuff like this, or for a fun retail experiece, shop RISDWorks in person or online. They carry a bunch of my products: MonKeys, Chopstick Kids, Pony Tales, etc.

Me and some of my stuff at RISDWorks a few weeks ago.

For the record, I have never owned a high-heeled shoe in my life.
No, wait. I take it back.
I have a doorstop shoe now.
That counts, right?
At least I don’t have to walk on it!