Lunch Break


Was there ever a funner time than the Great Depression? Not according to the Waltons. Sure, times were hard, but they lived on love and had some to spare. This was a favorite show of mine, since two of my Top Favorite decades are the 30’s and 70’s. The show is the perfect combo of both. Anyhow, this gem of a lunchbox is from 1973, and depicts the entire Walton clan with their cow, apparently at the magical moment of birth. Inspiring, and a life lesson, too!

A note about the art: I love the stuff from this era that is, oh, about 15% more cartoony than real life. Each of these actors’ likenesses have been captured; they are all recognizable, but they are also bumped up a couple of notches in caricature. I guess if they were 20% more cartoony, they could go into MAD magazine. But they’re juuuust shy of that! Skill, baby, skill. I wonder who painted these?? Probably a MAD artist!

2 comments on “Lunch Break

  • on Friday, February 23, 2007 at 8:04 am, monica lee said:

    This is funny, where did you find that? Or was it yours from childhood?! I liked that show too! Tom plays the guitar by the way….

  • on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 1:28 pm, Jack Ruttan said:

    That’s a splendid lunchbox, but I’d rather have the 6 Million $ Man one. I’d be teased with this one.

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